Most if not all works that I upload online are like legal cases being presented before the public but first before God

For every essay, note, video, podcast, and blog post that I prep, curate, and produce, I like to think of them like they are legal cases. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that they are legal cases.

  • Each case has its message and its argument.
  • Each case has to go through prep, while the preparation should not be rushed to prevent making unnecessary and preventable errors. This is the case for me in how I take my time before I finish and push the post button on a video or a writing piece.
  • Each case presentation would be seen in how I handle each work that I am posting or publishing online or in other words — to the public.
  • The very act of posting a writing, animation, or video that I would finish and present to the public is like presenting a case that would be argued before a courtroom of the public.
  • The reactions or responses to comments on what I would post and publish to the public reminds me of what it would be like when a jury gives its verdict upon hearing and seeing the presentation of a case. It wouldn’t necessarily mean that the conclusion of the verdict would be true or correct, but it does remind me of that because the jury gives their response to the case, after the case has been argued or litigated. This all happens in the comment section of a posting.

Hopefully, mob mentality would not rule the decision of the verdict in the comment section, but this is, sadly, usually the case for what would be considered corrupt and TMZ magazine style online cases.

Me presenting cases; in the form of me publishing my work; would be like the act of trying to convince a random jury and even a corrupt prosecutor of why I am making my case; so I need to remember to practice prudence in my speech and being careful in my approach and speech with others, even in my responses to mob mentality comments, attacks, and false accusations against me; which if I am not careful I would become just like them, while claiming to be speaking against their methods; which in itself is practicing unrighteous judgment.

Even though they may say whatever they would say to me with malicious intentions while likely trying to rule and persuade the comment section with sensationalism and charisma; I would have to remember that the Judge has eyes on the entire proceeding.

Every case that I would present, would not only be before the public, but would be before the Judge who is God. God is the only One that can judge me righteously with no error and helps me with my cases so that I may do the same and present my cases properly before the public.

God judges every jot and tittle that would be spoken. So, I must choose my words wisely, not just in the presentation of my cases, but also in the responses to the cases I would present — even if the other side chooses not to do the same.

Come to think of it, this is why I’m so glad that God took his time with me and continues to do so, before I started to produce and publish any type of content online because thinking back on my past unpublished audio and blog drafts, I would have been a very careless example of a lawyer for the LORD.

Each work is a legal case that should be handled delicately, as the truth should be rightly divided delicately. It’s not ever about winning a case; it’s about the presentation and the delivery of the truth in hopes that the receiving ear would lend their ear to listen and believe the truth — this is what is most important.

It is because of this that I should be watchful of my time and deny taking on certain cases that may be appealing to work on, but could cause more contempt instead of reconciliation with my Father. This too would be the practice of righteous judgment in not speaking on every matter, case and while practicing patience and self-control. There are many cases that may “need” attention, but this is the case for the harvest which is plenty, while the workers are few…

Time and resources are limited, even though I would be working with God who is not limited by time or resources, I still need to be a good steward of my time, which is limited.

All of this would be happening in the assembly before God while He would be teaching me what righteous judgment looks like while guiding me as I practice being a practitioner of the law by following, Him who is The Lawgiver.

I am noticing that in Him teaching me what righteous judgment is, that there must be those who practice unrighteous judgment present while I learn how to practice and be a practitioner of righteous judgment. This would be because while God is directing and showing me what not to do, I would see the false presentation of judgment by the opposing parties’ mannerisms of the flesh. So basically those who practice disobedience would be examples of what not to do in their false presentation of the law.

I want to reflect more on this because I think there is more to this, especially since I remember that I had a dream a while ago about being told I was a judge by a lawyer I didn’t know but for some reason knew they were a lawyer when they told me this and while I keep feeling led to the Book of Judges.

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