I looked up the word buffer out of curiosity and had a laugh for the night

I don’t understand why I did it, but I looked up the word, buffer, and the definition for it. It’s kind of funny after reading what it means in British “culture”.

So, according to Webster’s Dictionary, a British buffer:

It is considered an elderly, unworldly, “old-fashioned” incompetent man.

Ah yes, leave it to the dictionary to showcase and expose just how backwards society of any culture is if being UNWORLDLY is old-fashioned and makes someone considered to be incompetent.🙄

Now I’m starting to get curious about what types of words I’m going to find when I open the dictionary… I remember back in junior high when the word, “bootylicious” was added to the dictionary. So, what more am I gonna find? The dictionary might not be as boring as I once thought it was, although the word buffer seems like it should go in the urban dictionary.

I guess this type of guy is not “pop”ular according to “pop culture” since he is an old pops. I also guess that means that this type of person is not accepted by society, making this type of man shunned, or even exiled according to his old-fashioned, intellectual prerogative, that’s just sooooo “last century”.

This must be a “British” way of saying a man is a square… well, the American English call guys over here “simps”… and even most of them use this term loosely and backward, showing their incompetence.

This word seems very similar to what a cultured person may call someone who has been sheltered growing up. Being sheltered isn’t actually a bad thing, though–I would know because I was sheltered growing up. I guess if an “old-fashioned” man is called a buffer, does that mean that I am called a buffet? Oh, wait, that word is already taken, but I do like to eat…soooo…

Well, if that’s the case, CHEERIO! And pass me a BRANDY, and while I’m at it, shout out to all the buffers out there if there are any reading my field notes!!! 👋👋😆🇬🇧💂

I know that it is usually those that are considered the incompetent of society, are who are actually the ones that helped build societies. The boring ones are the “buffers”, which are typically the busy ones, while everybody else is just being busybodies and a busybody can’t be still for fear of being bored or boring. So keep being buffers!!!

Because if the world hated you, it hated Jesus first. 😥

Oh, and tell those who called you buffers, that they can shine their own shoes, and we will see who is the incompetent one.

As Laday “KWE”nela I say, “We the “ghetto” Englishmen love you over heeeeryaaaa, and I don’t think that America or Ameri”can’t” doesn’t hold any record of wrongs based on the last time that you came over here with your red coats. You’ve even inspired our Marine Corps dress blues, so thank you, especially thank you for that because those made me look good in black, thank you buffers!!! Thank you. Now CHEERS 🍻 and Ta! Ta! For now!!!

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