Knowing about a lot of things is not all that great

Knowing about a lot of things is not that great because more thinking is involved with knowing. With more thinking involved it feels great for a time and is stimulating, but with it comes the many battles of doubt and cognition that wouldn’t have existed if the knowledge was not known from the beginning. This is because good knowledge will be laced with the bad knowledge when you know about anything.

So, who cares about the devil’s lie that we can be more like God knowing good and evil when what comes with knowing is grief and less productivity and that is because having knowledge of what grief is, is thought stopping in and of itself.

There’s more peace in not knowing but knowing that Jesus, who knows everything, is telling me what I need to do and what I need to know. He keeps me from “knowing” and thinking about the things I do not need to know, while having me focus on the wisdom that I would be receiving from Him. In doing this I would not be thinking or overthinking all the time — but doing. So mental note: Don’t think, just do

True peace comes in knowing the knowledge of God and in knowing that everything that He tells me is good. Peace comes in “knowing” that everything that He tells me to do that I need to do is also good, so knowing anything else is not going to be good for me.

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