My field notes acts as a buffer for my main ministry websites

So on a side note, I looked up the word buffer out of curiosity and had a laugh for the night.

But anyway, back on point on why my field notes are acting as a buffer for my main ministry websites.

I made a personal rule for myself to look at this site in the same way that I would look at a social media site when posting on it, whenever I do post on social media.

So, when I am on social media (past or present) and decide to post something; just about anything comes to mind and the amount of time that goes between thinking and posting is limited even when I used to post a lot.

I mean, of course, I consider what I’m about to post before I post it, but even that consideration goes as far as how I would think when I am texting someone. I’m going to think before I post, but I don’t have to think too long because it’s a conversation piece that I would be sending; not some long synopsis, thesis statement, or academic exhortation—just informal diction…

Diction where there would be no need to do a lot of proofreading and revising, to where I can write and smash that publish button after running the draft through a quick check.

That’s the same thing that I want to do here for my field notes! The theory goes: the more that I post on this site in the same way and mindset that I would post on social media, then the more that I could end up writing to hopefully make a daily habit of writing, where even if I’m not posting daily that’s alright; the habit would be formed while having fun; and the longer essays that require more of my time that would be posted on my other websites, will be easier to write consistently because my field notes acted as a buffer for my writing habit.

So, this is one way that I look at my field notes. I don’t think this should be too hard. When I was more “social” on social media, I could easily post every day and sometimes multiple times a day. Now I have better things to do with my time. With having this same mentality here for my field notes, I may not see this as a chore, but see it as the little time that I spend online socializing and reflecting, while still curating content for Christ.


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