My field notes are my personal epistles

I’m writing a lot lately, but I’m realizing that not everything that I write is appropriate to go in the same types of publications that I have. I needed a site where I could upload my notes and studies on different topics that I have researched or just experienced in my life.

Mixing published notes with the different content and entries that I’m producing on my other sites I figured would cause confusion with the readersand cause confusion for myself.

When it’s time to hit publish I think I would have a difficult time trying to understand how I would want to categorize my notes alongside my essays or blog series for my main blogs; that and the fact that the topics; although similar, would be written in a different style because these field notes are my field notes that are written to me for me.

So, since I have different blogs that are already up, I needed to make a different one specifically for my personal notes showcasing my thoughts, observations, and outlook on life. I figured that since I’m learning a lot on my walk with Christ that I could share my learnings and so that’s where this site sprung up.

I didn’t know what to call this site or know what types of entries that I would upload, but after thinking about it, I realized that my notes are a reflection of my life and my thoughts in the form of epistles. I like that word. It sounds sophisticated even though the gist of this blog seems a little less domesticated…okay Imma stop.

So even though I gave different categories to what each of my notes and epistles would be, I still think of the entries for this site as my epistles. Letters to myself.

I almost changed my mind about how I would see these set of entries of my writing because I’ve been so accustomed to associating the word epistles with scripture; but I also know that not one faction or entity owns a particular word, except for God of course, so I looked up the term epistles, and I found:

The word “epistle” refers to a formal or literary letter. It is a written communication that is typically intended for a specific recipient or audience. Epistles are often used to convey personal thoughts, experiences, advice, or teachings. They can be written in a variety of contexts, such as personal correspondence, religious or philosophical writings, or literary works. Epistles are characterized by their formal and structured style, often addressing the recipient directly and expressing the author’s ideas or emotions in a thoughtful manner.

The definition of the word fits perfectly for what this site is! It is my field notes that are my personal epistles of my life experiences and thoughts, where the main recipient is me directly expressing my ideas and emotions.

By me publishing some of these notes to you, who read them, I guess you would be walking alongside me in the “field” of life. So welcome!

Letters or epistles are not usually formally formatted like how regular essays and articles are on my other sites and that’s what I needed, because when I’m writing or talking to anyone, including myself, —because of course There isn’t anything crazy about talking to yourself; it’s crazy not to. There’s just pure communication conveying points and — well — life.

So there is no formatting or excessive focus on punctuation and grammar. I wanna see how well and how fast I can write with these field notes so that I can be consistent in writing everyday to produce more.

I need to find establish this habit since I’m also doing animations and video editing at the same time. I figure if I don’t start the habit of writing everyday now; then my writing habit might go by the wayside and I don’t want that to happen; but I’m thinking that it is likely to happen, because my main entries on my websites take a little bit longer to produce.

This is also why this website is intentionally designed to be blank, with the focus on text. I may add some of my personal sketches here and there in some entries since these are my notes, but I would rather not take away from what has been written since I want the focus to be on text. So the finished illustrations —if I add any— would just go on my portfolio website if I do upload sketches here.

When looking at many other sites the focus is heavily tailored towards images, colors, and shapes over a focus on text. But here, I like seeing each entry behind a blank wall that we call the internet page. It’s kinda of symbolic for me, because each “page” on the site is initially blank representing a day that hasn’t started yet. and all I gotta do is just fill it in. I’ve always had a weird obsession with filling in a blank page I don’t know it feels so relaxing…

But anyway, even though I have been told that I think how I write, and I write how I speak I would rather not focus heavily on formal formatting that comes with being associated with articles and essay writing, so I’m not going to do that here. At least I don’t intend to, so if you’re reading this, and you’re still intrigued by my personal notes, then be prepared for very, very, VERY long blocks of text since that’s kinda how my thoughts go; but don’t worry; occasionally I’ll add a couple of paragraph breaks because I too need to be able to reference these notes myself if ever I need to look back at them in the future.

So I guess that’s it! If you made it this far, you just might make it through the rest of my notes. 🤭


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