I Never Liked the Phrase, “Let’s Agree to disagree.”

When we aren’t in agreement then how can we AGREE to disagree.

If we’re not IN agreement we won’t be able to AGREE to anything.

It’s like as Jesus tells us, “How can two walk together unless they be in agreement?”

Well if we ain’t in agreement, we ain’t walking together so we can’t AGREE to disagree because we aren’t walking together TO agree to anything.

That phrase just seems like a way of trying to please everyone. If you want to keep the peace with someone without arguing then don’t lie and say you agree with someone that you actually don’t. Just don’t argue.

If you’re telling the truth & someone disagrees with the truth, then they WILL disagree with you because they didn’t AGREE with the truth.

You can’t agree with someone who disagrees with the truth of God no matter how fancy the statement may be. Water and oil can’t mix or AGREE.

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