When I hear the phrase, “God bless America”…

God will only bless America

when America will believe and obey Him through His Son Jesus

Otherwise, America won’t accept or agree to God’s blessing because they won’t agree or believe in God and will have their definition of what a blessing and Messiah should look like…they will accept another as Jesus says:

“I come in my Father’s name but you won’t accept me, but if another man comes in his name you will accept him….”

The “god” that America will be “blessed” by and accept will be the god of this world the devil…

This is the same “god” that many Americans put their trust in as seen on the dollar bill “In “god” we trust”

hence why America is taking a downturn because most of America puts their trust in the lies of the father of lies the devil and not the truth and blessing of God who is Jesus….

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