The melody of music

When listening to songs with instrumentals or music attached to them you’re not just listening to one story being told. You are listening to multiple stories being told as each instrument; from the vocal cords to whatever instruments are being used in a song that is played; each instrument is telling stories and speaking to your heart, thoughts, and body.

There are so many different messages of melody that are being delivered and analyzed by our brains and interpreted by the spirit. It depends upon the heart of the person listening to know if they will enjoy and continue to listen to any messages that are being told to them or if they are going to skip to the next song.

It’s kind of like when I used to love a lot of songs but then when I outgrew them, especially when I learned what I was saying in songs that I didn’t agree with, I no longer wanted to listen to those said songs anymore. I no longer wanted to be on the journey and the ride that used to carry me away with the sound of melody that those songs presented.

Music is beautiful, but it’s so very sad that I have noticed many different types of religions and ideologies that would claim to be different from one another; but would all have the same legalistic approach in saying that music is evil…


To me, that is like also saying that a human being is evil, but this type of accusation coming from someone would not be based on that person’s fruit or their heart (and we can’t know that anyway) but that this type of comment would be said based off of just unrighteously judging the observation that since the majority of the human population does evil things than human beings, in general, are evil.

I have seen this very same style of judgment in the case of judging anime as I would hear people saying that since the majority of anime is false and sinful, then therefore, all anime is evil…

This is a false style of judgment.

It is the same false style of judgment when someone unrighteously judges music as ALL being evil if they get to this conclusion by saying that the majority of music has sinful messages.

Music is creation that comes from the Creators; just like humans are creation that comes from their Creator. God is the Creator. He is good. He is the Truth. His message is the Truth.

Messages that are not the truth; that are being told in the stories and the melodies of music that are being played; are what would be considered evil — not the tool or the composition. It is the composer who would have to desire perversion in their heart over the truth, leading them to compose perversion into a song, sung by them and resulting in delivering messages of falsehood. This would be considered sinful.

It is not the music that is evil but the message that is considered sinful, when it is in adversity to the truth.

And that will be because the music will not be glorifying God, who is the truth. The composer would be glorifying sin, perversion, and lies; because the composer would not be doing everything for the glory of God as they should.

A lie would be glorified in the melody of music instead of the truth and this is evil.

It is because, at that point, different types of stories would be told in the messages that would be delivered in this kind of music that glorifies a lie.
It would be manipulating the listener and in most cases without the listeners’ approval and realization. The person who listens to lies through music becomes numb and their heart becomes dull and cold and this would all be because the messages and the melody that they would be meditating on would be dark and cold.

There is no light or warmth in lies…

And so the longer that a person listens to this type of melody, the harder and colder their heart becomes. Even to the point where their conscience becomes numb because the messages would be enforcing this numbness and shutting off all senses while killing the listener slowly.

None of this glorifies the Father.

The problem is not music…

What I have described is just the wrong type of melody.

It gets even worse when melodies that glorify lies are spoken in sung, wrapped in parallel to music that delivers messages of melancholy and destruction.

But when a person delights in the melody that comes from the Voice of God, they are listening to melodies from Heaven, and every verse that is spoken from His lips is received with a thirst for an encore that is quenched before requested.

And it becomes a lot easier to distinguish and decipher between the different types of melodies and messages of music that are giving off the illusion of the truth while being very far from it.

And this will be because you no longer listen to the illusion, but the illumination that only comes from the Light of men found in the Voice of God.

As I’ve been walking with Christ, I no longer fear displeasing Him by listening to the wrong music because He has confirmed to me and reminds me about how He is in me and that whatever He does not delight in I also will not either.

It is because of this that I will know if the melody is not meant for me when and before the first note initiates.

I will know if this is another message meant for my soul or another that I will press skip on.

We cannot glorify the Father in our thoughts if we choose to meditate on music and the melody that follows; that would tell the message of lies that glorify sin.

A heart that meditates and is amused by the glorification of lies is a heart, as I said earlier, that is cold, numb, and has no life. It does not beat like a drum.

So the dead are amused by the performance of the dead and what the dead speak. But no life is going to be coming from the dead.

Those types of verses only result in curses.

But I will prostrate before the Father and I will play His melodies that He gives to me that would be flowing from the orchestra of my heart to His.

It is His verses and melodies that are never-ending and forever healing…

…forever on replay in my soul.

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