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Washed in the SonUncategorized, 2023/10/082023-10-08 03:45:44
The melody of musicSnippets2023/09/022023-09-02 06:59:07
The Son and the Stars in the sky…Snippets2023/08/302023-08-30 17:18:26
When I hear the phrase, “God bless America”…Snippets2023/07/062023-07-06 21:04:00
I Never Liked the Phrase, “Let’s Agree to disagree.”Snippets2023/06/282023-06-28 02:19:29
My field notes acts as a buffer for my main ministry websitesSnippets2023/06/042023-06-04 18:33:20
Knowing about a lot of things is not all that greatSnippets2023/06/042023-06-04 18:21:10
I looked up the word buffer out of curiosity and had a laugh for the nightStories2023/06/042023-06-04 18:19:08
My field notes are more of a casual blogSnippets2023/06/042023-06-04 06:47:31
My field notes are my personal epistlesSnippets2023/06/042023-06-04 06:23:34
Don’t think, just doLetters2023/06/032023-06-03 18:51:20
Most if not all works that I upload online are like legal cases being presented before the public but first before GodLetters2023/06/022023-06-02 03:10:50